Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A day in the life of a mad scientist

What's the first thing a mad scientist does in the morning?
I don't know about the ones among your acquaintances, but this fellow I know runs to his PC to check his e-mail. Of course, he first changes into proper work clothes, protecting himself from all the crazy events that can (and will surely) happen around the house when you live surrounded by stuff you've been making experiments on for a few years now...

He gets to work pretty early. The fountain relaxes him and he takes a few minutes to go over a few formulas he'll be working on today - you can never be too prepared when you deal with hazardous materials all day long... Rubber gloves and protective goggles can only do so much to keep you out of trouble.

And then something goes horribly wrong at the lab and it completely knocks your socks off!!! Well, you can see that's nothing but a figure of speech because apparently all he was left with were his socks... It was an explosion of such proportions that pretty much everything else he was wearing got knocked off of him - rubber gloves and goggles included! So there you go...
No wonder he had to come out and relax by the fountain for a bit!

But this guy bounces back fast - I mean, it's not like that was the first explosion he's experienced at the lab... or the last, for that matter.
So, as soon as he gets home, what do you know? He still hasn't had enough of experimenting for the day and he decides to turn his mad-scientist-blaster-thingy on his own bed... I have no clue why he would do something like that but if someone pointed a gun to my head and told me "Guess!!!", I'd say maybe he was trying to make a nice woman appear out of thin air... Can't blame a guy for trying, right?
On the other hand, I can see he's getting sleepy and perhaps that's just the way a mad scientist turns down his bed - yeah, right!...
What I do know is that he still didn't get that woman-out-of-thin-air-thing right because he ended up surfing the chat rooms for a while before he finally went to sleep... 

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