Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Playing with fire

The fearless mad scientist thought he'd stay away from the lab for a while... Where to go for a change of pace, what to do?... Since many of his neighbours where going on and on about France, China and Egypt as great vacation destinations, he came up with a formula to determine the best place to go (of course! - how else are people supposed to pick a vacation destination?!
After many calculations around that perennial question - where should I go? - the formula came up with an enigmatic answer: 42 (Douglas Adams fans around the world are in on this one). So he tossed the formula and picked Egypt - genius grey matter at work right there...

Once he got there, he couldn't wait to find a pyramid with a tomb to get lost in - so he did (it's not like the pyramids are that hard to find in the Egyptian landscape...). And soon enough he came across a fire trap which he promptly attempted to acrobatically jump over - he was determined to leave his mad scientist persona at home and act wild... or he would have tried to disable the trap (which probably would have been a better bet).

Sure enough, as his physical skills are way behind in the evolution scale when compared to his brain skills, he landed right in the middle of the thing - which utterly stressed, surprised and infuriated him to the point of turning his plumbob bright red!

In spite of his best efforts not to panic - Don't Panic! (another shout out to all the Douglas Adams fans out there) - his ass was literally on fire and that's more than enough to freak the hell out of even the most rational of people! So he panicked, he freaked out and acted like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights...

... and finally came out looking like this:

Leave it to a mad scientist to wear fireproof boxers and socks!
This is one of those times when I'm left wondering how this guy ever made it to Level 10 of the Science career...

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