Monday, 24 May 2010

Land of the mummies...

... and not the nurturing kind.
I mean mummies as in wrap-me-in-gauze-for-millenia-and-then-let-some-fool-set-me-free-so-we-can-have-some-fun - THAT kind of mummy!
So, my girl goes to Egypt, right? She immediately seeks adventure and starts running errands for the locals who prey on her bravery to get her involved in some pretty tricky situations... I'm sure you can all imagine how inviting an Egyptian tomb must be - well, imagine what you will, but you'll never come close to what really goes on in the tombs of the world of The Sims!

There was plenty to keep my redhead busy - fire traps, hidden switches and hidden doors to mention but a few. But, of course, the pièce de résistance is the Egyptian version of Haitian zombies - the walking mummy! She peeked into the wrong sarcophagus and voilà! (don't ask why being in Egypt is making me write in French - I'm pretty sure it's some kind of curse)...

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