Saturday, 29 May 2010

When breakfast goes horribly wrong

Meet the other twin. He's unlucky - among a few other things.
As a matter of fact, he woke up today feeling especially unlucky but still insisted on making pancakes for breakfast...

(for once, he'll be the one taking the first step in trying to patch things up with his sister after making so much fun of her last night - at least his heart is in the right place!)

Unlucky people should come with restraining orders to prevent them from ever approaching appliances like... I don't know... kitchen stoves? The trouble is that he's a little insane, too - so he doesn't know better and can't really be blamed for most of the trouble he gets himself (and others) into.
Even so, he's got two perfectly good eyes in his head and he sure can see trouble coming... just check out his uh-oh expression:

Just as he was about to flip them, the pancakes caught fire! And along with them so did the frying pan and the stove!!!
By now, his sister has developed a kind of sixth sense that alerts her to the kind of situations that always seem to occur  when he's innocently going about his business... In the blink of an eye (even before the smoke reached her bedroom), she bolts from her bed and gets to the kitchen in a flash - just in time to yell "Quick, grab the damned fire extinguisher before the whole kitchen burns down, you dimwit!!!"

It's a good thing that he was able to ignore her insult and get the extinguisher working... Under normal circumstances he'd only return a nastier insult and stand there - but the heat is making him uncomfortable and he feels compelled to put the fire out... and then he just gets really excited and keeps aiming the thing at everything in sight (at this point, his sister fears for her life and wonders if she wouldn't rather have died in the fire!)

Eventually he comes to his senses (and the fire extinguisher is now depleted...). His dismay is clear in his sagging shoulders: he is left with no more fire-extinguisher-fun... no kitchen stove... and no breakfast.
His sister is now worried that he'll just set something else on fire so he can have some more of that fun. Maybe it's time to get him out of the kitchen and take him out for pancakes...

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