Friday, 28 May 2010

Trouble at the cemetery

Nothing like a midnight stroll around the local cemetery to meet new people... former people?... current ghosts?... someone new?... Well, anyway, that's what this girl was up to a few nights ago.
Being what it is (mostly weird), my world of The Sims offers plenty of opportunities to socialise around the clock and around town. Being inappropriate, clumsy and unlucky, she's often rejected by other (living) sims - even her twin brother gives her a hard time most of the time! - and that's what got her thinking about broadening her small social circle.
No sooner had she arrived at the cemetery than this nice orange and innocent-looking ghost popped up from a grave! She hurried to greet him trying her best not to spook him with her usually odd manners... (yes, it's that bad - I'm pretty sure she could spook even a ghost with her ghastly social skills!)

But, alas... her self-imposed restraint didn't go past the initial greeting and soon she was monkeying around the poor ghost trying to scare him back into the ground - just to show him she could!
See what I mean?...

Obviously, this was something completely new to the ghost, more accustomed to doing the scaring himself. Needless to say it didn't go down well with him! He faced the misbehaving brat and gave her a piece of his mind (yes, in the world of The Sims you get to keep your mind and all the corresponding pieces if you happen to turn into a ghost...)

He tried his best to look scary and pissed off - to no avail, of course... She was at the top of her game - the national sport in the world of inappropriateness - and played a trump: the unexpected-slap-across-the-face-that's-guaranteed-to-drive-the-opponent-up-the-wall!

I don't have to explain what that brought on, do I?...

Once again, she went out looking to connect emotionally and all she got was a whole lot of fists connecting with faces and feet connecting with shins... 
But she also came out with a personal little victory - she now knows she can try even the patience of a ghost - and in her mindset that's something rated with at least 4 stars out of 5!...

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