Tuesday, 25 May 2010


This woman is a lady of many talents. She can even get away with walking around wearing nothing but scorched skin and blown up red hair - wait, no! This is what happened when she got cocky and tried do disable a fire trap that just wasn't in the mood to be messed with...
The thing is, she was on a mission. This one involved hacking into the computers of an evil corporation... an Egyptian evil corporation. Being all brave and skilled in the martial arts, she thought it was worth taking every risk that could possible be thrown her way - being attacked by creepy bugs, scary mummies, electrifying traps... And then she somehow stepped where she REALLY shouldn't have... and ended up looking like this...

But hey, do you think this small fashion mishap stopped her from doing the bad stuff to the baddies? No way in hell, no siree! She was all about accomplishing the mission... and waiting the scorched look out inside the tomb, because she'd rather face the mummy again than show her face around town looking like a redhead burnt coal!

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